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Erica Bargardo


   Erica is a passionate and dedicated travel advisor who has recently joined the world of travel planning.  With  a love for exploration and an appreciation for the power of transformation travel can bring, Erica is committed to creating memorable experiences for her clients.

   Although new to the industry, Erica brings a fresh perspective and attention to detail.  Through thorough research and personalized itineraries, she strives to design trips that align with your individual preferences.  Whether it's relaxing on a beach, an adventurous getaway or a cultural journey, Erica aims to curate a seamless travel experience.

   Approachable and friendly Erica understands the importance of building trust and rapport with her clients.  Her goal is to transform dreams into reality, creating unforgettable journeys that make lifelong memories.

   Join Erica as she embarks on her career in travel, creating exceptional experiences for wanderlust-filled souls.

Contact Erica:

Phone: (603) 540-2392