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Stacy A. Sobo, CTA VTA

My passion for exploring the world ignited in 1996, and two years later, I earned my associate degree in Travel & Tourism, marking the start of an unending adventure.

I embarked on my journey in the travel industry as a corporate travel advisor, providing on-site services to various businesses.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, I soon ventured into the realm of personal and vacation travel sales.

Now, 26 years later, I lead a flourishing enterprise supported by nine outstanding outside sales agents. Together, we boast over a century of combined experience in selling travel.

The adage “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” resonates deeply with me. Travel is not just my profession; it’s a passion that brings new discoveries and excitement each day, fueling my curiosity about our planet.

My expertise spans bucket list adventures, luxury getaways, business trips, and organizing travel for meetings, incentives, and groups. We cater to gatherings ranging from 20 to 700 individuals, ensuring personalized and meticulous attention for each.

My preferred destinations include:

  • The rugged wilderness of Alaska
  • The natural wonders of Yellowstone National Park, along with the charm of Jackson Hole, Livingston, and Bozeman
  • The mystical allure of Sedona
  • The awe-inspiring Grand Canyon
  • The wild beauty of a Kenyan safari
  • The vibrant ecosystems of Costa Rica
  • The rich history and culture of Amsterdam
  • The tropical retreats of the Caribbean Islands & Mexico
  • The diverse landscapes across the U.S.

Travel, in my view, is the ultimate form of education. It’s a joy to see our children embrace this philosophy, eager to experience the world’s diversity and immerse themselves in different cultures.

Navigating the intricacies of travel planning can be overwhelming. That’s why I partner with esteemed cruise lines and tour operators to offer comprehensive vacation packages. We handle every aspect of your journey, from flights and ground transport to travel insurance, accommodations, dining options, tours, special requests, and beyond.


Contact Stacy:

Phone: (603) 716-6869 





Stacy at Skye Travel has always handled all of our business travel, but we used her to book flights for our daughter to study overseas. Their flight hit a bird and had to return, almost immediately to Boston. Two young women, stuck in Boston, not knowing what to do. Stacy, on her own vacation, mind you, immediately responded, grabbed her laptop and had them rebooked in MINUTES, AND is working on getting us a refund for the returned flight. I HIGHLY recommend booking all of your travel with Skye Travel. Thank you Stacy!

Bucket list checked!
Reviewed By Lyn - Deerfield, NH | Traveled to Italy ~ Europe.
Stacy goes above and beyond and is there for you from booking to traveling to returning home.

Eye for Detail
Reviewed By Mike - Concord | Traveled to Jamaica ~ Caribbean.
I have never met anyone who responds and replies as quickly as Stacy does all-the-while keeping her accuracy exceptionally high.

Best Travel Agent. Ever.
Reviewed By Bill Condron - Concord, NH | Traveled to Hawaii ~ USA.
Stacy is nothing short of incredible! She is always available, thoroughly prepared, and resourceful. Every time I reach out with a travel issue, she responds, usually within 5 minutes, day, or night. She is creative in helping to plan trips and can add value at any budget level. In short, I will not book travel without using Stacy and her world-class level of service.

Helps will all travel request and needs!
Reviewed By TC - Concord, NH
Stacy is fabulous to work with! She is proactive, professional, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable! She works with my team of 500+ employees and is even there when pans change, flights are canceled, or weather related . We are so happy to have Stacy as a part of our team!

Travel agents create stress-free travel.
Reviewed By Robyn P. - Goffstown, NH
Stacy has planned a few of my recent trips. She is amazingly knowledgeable in all aspects of planning and implementing vacation travel plans. She knows all the little details and particulars. She listens to concerns, works within any sized budget and makes the trips seamless. She sends reminders and travel tips. She works with groups or individuals and even when working with a group, she makes you feel like your trip is her only concern. It is refreshing to find an agent who plans for your family as though it was hers and genuinely wants you to have a fantastic time, rather than just book you on whatever is available. She is truly fabulous and would highly recommend trying her out for your next trip!

Ongoing Travel Agent
Reviewed By Business Travel - Danvers, MA
Stacy has worked with my company, as well as myself to coordinate several business trips, as well as large events requiring multiple transportation schedules. She has also been helpful with finding the proper venues, as well as accommodations with both small, and individual travel. All around knowledge and expertise is fantastic.

Travel made easy!
Reviewed By TS - NH
I've worked with Stacy on several trips, business and personal, over the past several years. I honestly cannot express how easy she makes the process. She is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and always available. She remembers preferences of all of her travelers and works very hard to ensure a seamless travel experience. Her service is unparalleled. My highest recommendation!

Wonderful working with Stacy!
Reviewed By Leah & Jeff - Weare, NH
It was a pleasure working with Stacy to make our honeymoon possible! She was very friendly and responsive to our needs and wishes. She produced many options for us. It made this part of wedding planning a breeze! I have recommended her to other friends and family members. We will use her again in the future!

Stacy is the most outstanding travel agent I have used.
Reviewed By Bob - Cody, Wyoming
In nearly 50 years of business and personal travel Stacy is by far the most accomplished, knowledgeable and well-prepared agent I have dealt with. She has been my "go to" person for travel for several years and although I live in Wyoming Stacy provides the same prompt service, information and 24/7 support that makes me think I am in Deering, NH! Stacy is a pleasure to deal with, she goes above and beyond the basic requirements and ensures that every detail of a trip is accomplished, and she does so with an exceptionally positive and professional attitude. She is the best!!

Great Service
Reviewed By Laura - Merrimack NH
Excellent service and quick response time. It's always stress free to work with Stacy. I sent an email requesting information on a flight for my son and had a list of great options in less than 24 hours. Always a pleasure to work with her.

Saves the day.
Reviewed By Phil - Concord, NH
Stacy is a true gem. When she plans your trip, you have the confidence of knowing that someone has your back from the pre-travel phase all the way up to the return home. If there is ANY issue with the trip, she can make it right.

Stacy provides that missing personal touch.
Reviewed By Roy D. - Orlando, FL
My company has utilized the services of Skye Travel Corp. and Stacy Sobo for many years. The service Stacy provides us has been invaluable in terms of financial advantage as well as the availability of support. Even after hour I can get her assistance simply by texting for help - she is always there. As a frequent traveler I personally recommend the use of the services provided by Stacy for your corporate as well as personal travel needs.

Business Travel Made Easy!!!
Reviewed By Jim C - Westmoreland, NH
Travel has always been a big part of my business career. Having spent 30+ years in sales and marketing for global companies, it seems like I have been everywhere in the world at one time or another. I want business travel to be as effortless as possible. I don't want to waste valuable time planning, making reservations and managing the inevitable changes to my itinerary. That is not productive for me, and it is not what my company pays me to do. Having traveled for so many years, I know what my preferences are, and I do not want to compromise on them. When it comes to business travel, routine is a good thing, it saves time. I have worked with many travel agencies in the past and I can confidently say that finding a good agent who takes the time to get to know me and my travel requirements is very hard to find. It takes time to build the knowledge, confidence, and trust in someone who controls a big part of my work life. Stacy Sobo is that kind of agent. I have worked with Stacy now at two different companies over a span of 7 years and she has always provided excellent service with a positive, energetic outlook on everything she does. She takes care of all my travel requirements and provides a good laugh along the way. And when things go terribly wrong on a trip, which they inevitably do, she has always been there for me, day, or night, to bail me out of trouble and get me where I need to be. Stacy is the best!

Great planner!
Reviewed By B - NH
Stacy takes the trouble out of planning your trips. I never had to worry about anything!